May 28, 2020


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Osho Zen Tarot:  Stress, We are the World, The Dream
Medicine Cards: Spider, Hummingbird, Porcupine
Mayan Oracle: Men, New Myth, Complex Stability
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Wands, Justice, Ten of Cups
Aleister Crowley Deck: Ruin, Futility, Ace of Wands
Healing Earth Tarot: four of Crystals, Grandmother of Rainbows, Death
Words of Truth: Disappointment, Inappropriate Relationship, Resolution


The astrology will continue to intensify as we move into the summer. And all things that were once familiar will feel as if they have died. We are going to be walking in an unfamiliar world where the rules no longer apply and the state of the world is one of uncertainty.
The key is to know how to handle such stress? To do that you will not be able to do it alone. You will need others to help you with that process. That is why all forms of healing are inclusive. It should seem obvious that to heal you need more than just yourself.
Sometimes you might need the Divine to help. That is where insight to guides and angels is essential.
Other times your soul need connection and literal physical energy in order to heal. That is where all healers come into great demand. There are moments when you do not have enough of your own life force energy to heal and you need more energy than you presently have in your body.
There are moments when you just need to be heard, to be witnessed and fully felt. You need the heart connection and understanding from someone who deeply loves and cares for you.
This month, notice what type of healing is calling to you and then actively go in that direction. You do not have to do this alone. You have others that understand and know what you are feeling. Learn to let others in. Learn to feel into what it means to co-exist with everyone and everything in this world. It could be something that saves you on many levels.
So while this month is going to be complicated it is also complex enough that you will finally know you cannot do it alone. And that begins an opening into a new possibility that is inclusive rather than exclusive.
If we can all come together for a common good, there would be no stopping us. Deep inside each person is a good soul who is searching for their own goodness and to find how to express that in the world.
They may do not have the skills to do it well or with finesse. But they are compelled by something within that believes that what they seek externally is what will fulfil them internally.
This month realize that when you seek that first internally, you will find those externally that also want to make that similar manifestation. And while you may have to let go of that needing of a “special” title. Realize that nothing of greatness was accomplished alone.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Greta – I also wrote this but it seemed a bit too metaphorical. Use it if you want.

What are the Flowers that May will bring?
After all, there was plenty of (metaphorical) rain in the month of April.
I believe one flower is a “Healing Flower”. Such a flower can take the terrible things in life and from great storms they manifest great beauty. Much like the most beautiful flowers I have seen are up at high altitude in places such as Yankee Boy Basin in Colorado. These flowers weather terrible, bitter cold winters and yet always return with their bright and sunny faces.

Flowers know how to take extremes and move them into something of wonder.

I believe another flower is a flower of “Unification”. Such a flower finally brings everyone together in a place of healing and change. We recognize that we are all in the same boat together. In such times, differences diminish and we see each other in a more real light.
Pain puts everyone on equal footing.
And that is what is needed right now in this world of arrogance, specialness, and ego.
And there is the flower of “Death”. It is the reminder that death is not a failure but the beginning of a massive change beyond the known and into the unknown. Death is the destination for each of us at some point in time. And it should not be feared but regarded with great respect and honor.
After all, death is not the enemy.
Fear is the enemy.
Hate is the enemy.
Resentment is the enemy.
Ego is the enemy.

I find it interesting that we toxically embrace what we know (such as fear, hate, resentment, and ego) even when it is counter-productive to what and who we really are. But such enemies we keep closer than we realize. We misperceive them to be “friends”. All the while they are stalking about our inner self sabotaging everything they can.
While Death calls quietly and gently to us. This angel whispers to us to change, to let go, to trust, to surrender, and to discover what is beyond the mind. He reminds us that something beautiful can happen in this storm, though you cannot see it in this moment.
We continue moving into a time of enormous change. (And I know you are probably sick of hearing that but it is true.) These waves of change are getting bigger not smaller. They are continuing to test us and at the same time they are gracefully giving us chances to become more skilled at surrender and loving.

May begins a set of waves that are clearly indicating a huge storm is coming and on the horizon.
If you are preceptive you have known this storm was coming for a while now.
The cards indicate that something has been woven in time and space. It is a web of deceit that has caught up the beautiful hummingbirds of love and compassion. And those hummingbirds are trapped in the powerful webs that some men have created to control and manipulate the masses. Love is being sacrificed to hate.
Our innocence (porcupine) is also being sacrificed on the altar of surrender.
We are riding waves of huge disappointment.
The wonder of words and communication have been murdered in the name of chaos.
Mountains of money have been squandered in the beds of ego.
We seek signs for the direction of resolution. But see nothing. No indications, no signs, no clarity. At least not yet.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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