September 22, 2015

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of November 2015

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Does it feel as if the world is spinning out of control or more specifically out of “your” control? You are not alone. There are undercurrents and patterns of perception that are breaking down and being destroyed in order for you to find your own center and true energetic power potential.

The repeating theme is the Justice or Judgment card. When we are in the control of the Wheel of Fortune the mechanisms are visible and understandable. Work is rewarded, idleness is not, and there seems to be a clear order to the cause and effect of karma. But now we are in the grasp of the Justice energy and justice sometimes has an invisible and remote way of enforcing karma.

This month there are going to be moments when there is no obvious logic, no apparent cause, yet only the effects are seen. You will feel as if all actions have an equal and opposite reaction. First and foremost you have to recognize that balance requires an understanding of the opposite polarities within us. It is time to find the balance of the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. You are the sun and the moon. You are the balance of nature and cosmic harmony.

The Egyptian Goddess Ma’at is where we get the archetype and symbol of justice that is universal. She weighed the hearts of men carefully against the feather of truth to test their goodness on earth and their right to eternal life.

This month you will feel tested by the fates of karma. The balances or imbalances in your life will reveal themselves to you. There is a potential debt to pay in order to find where you are in correct action or where you are in a place of guilt because of incorrect action or of omission. Take a look backwards and see how one choice lead to another and how that has arrived you at your present circumstances. For some of you this could feel like a dire warning. For others of you this could feel like a reassurance. And remember, you can take all things and events both ways. It becomes your choice as to how you twist the facts into the perspective of pain or pleasure.

The predator medicine cards of Snake, Owl, and Hawk and in the forefront and this is a reminder that there are forces afoot that require you to have a keen sense of awareness. You are being asked to keep your eyes sharp and looking ahead to the situations that are looming in the distance. Life sometimes requires a strong sense of presence in the moment to be able to move and shift with the changing circumstances. We are moving towards the winter and the direction of reflection and review. It is time to become more in tune with the rhythm of your own inner silences. The Universe is asking for your life to become simple. Simplicity is arduous, because to be simple costs everything that you have. Often you have to lose all to be simple. It is time to find your own heart and to let that heart sing in the voice of connection to the universe.

You are in actuality boundary-less. By its very nature life and existence cannot have a boundary. Look at what you have settled on and recognize where you are not content. Contentment allows you to remain small. But you are bigger than that. Your smallness is how your own mind has imposed a limitation upon your freedom and upon your unlimited potential. But you have to at moments be brave and do what seems opposite to being small. You have to be still. Sometimes stillness feels small but it is not. Stillness allows you to go deeper; it allows you to drop into the vast limitlessness of your essence. It allows you to see and feel the power within your formless potential.

So, this month do not look outside for the answer. Simplify, slow down, and move into the stillness. Feel and move from that stillness into the boundary-less potential that is stirring within. This type of energy you cannot grasp and hold onto from your ego. You have to slow down and move within the rhythm of your organic life essence as it is aligned with a much larger life-force potential that surrounds all things.

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