September 22, 2015

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of October 2015

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Are you listening to your family? Now I don’t mean necessarily your biological family but your spiritual family. As we move into the fall and we have finally have gotten past those darn eclipses you would think that there would be a moment as we enter into the new season that we could have a chance to reconnect to what is really important. Looking at the fact that the first week we are still in a Mercury Retrograde in Libra, I believe that we are longing for the balance but struggling to find out how to exactly do that. There is wisdom at times to be somewhat blind to the outcome so that the longing of our soul begins to reach beyond our mind and body and into the essence of creation. There are many out there that are feeling lost, alone, and in fear of the future.
The clarity will come when you use the Owl Medicine to see beyond your own self-deception. Within all of us are the dark and hidden parts of ourself that can sabotage our external and conscious self. It is time to seek out the darkness that has been lurking in your shadows. It is time to call those parts into the light and allow them to show you the depth and potential that they have been holding in silence. Peace comes when you look beyond the known and into the unloved and untouched parts of your psyche. The answer is not readily available in this month but it can be uncovered and discovered if you are willing to trust the intuitive flow and pay attention to the signs and omens that are speaking to you in your dreams and from those inner voices that seem demanding to be heard.
The quality of movement is in the medicine of the Squirrel. You have to be prepared. You have to save up some energy for something that will be coming a bit later. This is your moment to gather together all the pieces of energy, love, and light because you are going to need that energy later. When is unclear but you would be wise to save for that time in the future where you will need all your resources. You are being told to ready yourself for change.
Now, I know most of you are really tired of all the shifting that each of you has been through over these past grueling 8 years. But astrologically we are not done. It is time to lighten the load, simplify, and restructure around what is most important for you.
You do not need to fear the future you only need to let go of the past. The subtle energy body is demanding you to pay attention to it. There is great power when you step outside of the obvious world and into the patterns of energy that run constantly below the surface.
There is a flow. This will all make sense later. Meditation becomes an essential practice to be able to watch the patterns of your thoughts without become swept up in them. It is time to retreat to find that inner clarity.
You may find with the archtype of Manik that it is time to finally finish something. Completion is going to be difficult because you are being asked to complete without the outcome you have desired and longed for. But in this month, taking on too much is going to make you feel scattered, overwhelmed, and pressured. Step back or step away for a moment till you find the center and recognize that your ego is not in control of the outcome. You ego need to be released into a bigger truth unveiling now.

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