October 5, 2014

Intuitive Patterns For The Month of October 2014

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Osho Zen Tarot: Mastery,

Medicine Cards: Opposum, Eagle, Swan
Mayan Oracle: Manik, Polarity,
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Cups, Nine of Disks, Ten of Disks
Aleister Crowley Deck: Queen of Wands, Lust, Ace of Disks
Healing Earth Tarot: Ten of Rainbows
Words of Truth: New Beginning, Expansion, Domain Shift

Prepare for a busy month. Are you ready for the Grand Fire Trine Oct 4-9 (Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Mars in Sagittarius) and a Uranus square Pluto, with a Mercury Retrograde, Oct 2-25, and a Lunar Eclipse Oct 8th with the last Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (for a moment) on Oct 23? If you are not then you better get ready. Here is how.

This month is packed and ready to rumble so do a double knot in those running shoes because you are not going to have a moment to lean over and retie those shoes with all this energy going on, you more likely to step right out of those shoes completely in the rush of forward movement.

Mars wants you to live by a strong moral code and will be sending you the desire for strong principles and a sense of justice. While Mars is firing up an ethical storm, Uranus is going to unleash truth revealing thunderbolts. It will be interesting to see what we find out as the blinding light of Uranus shines into the darkest corners and shadows. Be prepared to be shocked. Uranus and Jupiter both want freedom though Jupiter is associated with traditional religion will greatly benefit from Uranus’s enlightening influence.

Individually, these 3 planets represent powerful and irrepressible masculine energies. We have the mighty and magnanimous King (Jupiter in Leo) and reactionary and revolutionary (Uranus in Aries) and our crusading Hero (Mars in Sagittarius) all combining without restraint.

The negative side of all this is that chaos that may erupt from this grand trine in fire can be likened to Mania. You can expect to see some that are abnormally elevated, expansive, or in irritable moods, self inflated grandiosity, lack of sleep, desire for huge goals, unrestrained buying sprees, and foolish behaviors.

Remember that the propensity for hubris is massive under this grand trine. Don’t leave a trail of destruction in your wake. Remember when you feel on top of the world you can forget that there are also tender vulnerable parts that can actually get hurt also. Some of those parts are inside you and then there are those outside in your life. In the rush to discover and uncover yourself don’t forgot those who have helped along the way and have walked the path with you.

The positive side of this pattern is when the Mars, Uranus, Jupiter joins the Sun/Venus in Libra creating a picture like a kite. This effect is October 4-10 with its most intense aspect being October 7/8th. This energy will propel you to individuate and break out of past conditioning, forcing you to walk the path of your own truth and integrity.

Keeping your feet on the ground might be tough but fortunately the Libra planets, (Sun, Venus, Mercury Retrograde) and the South Node are insisting on staying grounded and keeping the higher instincts on harmonizing discord and mediation. Just remember to temper your temperamental side otherwise gaskets might get blown out. Slow down and allow the new conditions coming into play break you through if and when you are ready. This energy is so big you do not need you to force anything.

What does all this mean? It comes across as a reinterpretation of what religion is now. You can see the influence now with the Pope from the Catholic Church but you can also see it from the Muslim influence as well because of the extreme behavior of the Islamic State and how it is not just attacking other religions but even it’s own. This will force some sort of shift in perspective if not an outright shift in the tide of support for extremism. Meaning that things that go to extreme are being revealed as a no longer tolerable, even by their own kind. Old archaic distorted beliefs are potentially going to be shattered.

The Lunar eclipse on October 8th is power packed for revelation. The Solar eclipse on October 23 is inspiring to artists, innovators, music, film makers and those that are willing to risk for things that they believe in deeply.

In a nutshell, this month is going to reveal many things to you about your passionate self and those next steps that are needed in order to bring you into a place of clarity. Some of those things are going to be shocking. Some can get your ego intensely engaged and cause problems. Some are going to ignite the hidden things that have been lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to shift. What is clear is that your perspective on (potentially) many things is going to be different by then end of this month. Many things are going to be seen in a new light.

That will be refreshing after you get past the shock of it all.

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