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Poem – Pretense

Poem – Pretense There are days when the glue just doesn’t seem to stick. And things come undone just when life is in the thick. We try to hold [...]

Astrology for 2/24/2024

Astrology for 2/24/2024 I hope we wake up this morning to the wide-eyed wisdom of this Full Moon. Embrace an epiphany and let it help you see the turn [...]

Quote – Reach For The Future

Quote – Reach For the Future Allow things to flow and do not try to remake something from your past. Instead allow in something that desires to be a [...]

Astrology for 2/23/2024

Astrology for 2/23/2024 While the Moon finishes up in Leo, be brave and bold. Enjoy the expansion and the positive energy while it lasts. This evening the tide will [...]

Poem – Home

Suzanne Wagner Poem – Home I saved a life and it was my own. I got lost from the place that I called home. But the wisest part inside [...]

Astrology for 2/22/2024

Astrology for 2/22/2024 The Moon is in Leo all day. This is perfect for feeling that now is the time and we have to embrace each moment as it [...]

Poem – Those Days

Poem – Those Days I miss those days when the mornings seemed young. Where the neighbors came to the door with a smile that sung. I miss those days [...]

Astrology for 2/21/2024

Astrology for 2/21/2024 Seems these last few days have been a bit hard for many emotionally. We seem to have lost the enthusiasm and spunk that had been keeping [...]

Quote – May We Learn

Quote – May We Learn May we learn that by embracing our own healing … we learn that carrying the burdens of the past are tremendously heavy and distracting [...]

Astrology for 2/20/2024

Astrology for 2/20/2024 With the Moon in Cancer, we are still concerned with those we love, and we want more options to find our path through the chaos that [...]

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