November 13, 2015

Change of Office Location and Personal Note from Suzanne

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Personal Note From Suzanne

Please note that my office is moved to Holistic Horizons with Richard Merrill, at 1054 E. 3900 S. Holladay, UT 84124. It is a few blocks away from where I was with Helen Schumann. His office is on the south side of the street near St. Marks Hospital. 

I will be in Utah from November 21-December 9, 2015. Sign up now as I will not be back in Utah until the middle of March 2016. I also have a Christmas Special that you can buy online that is active from December 24, 2015-January 31, 2016. This is a great deal for your friends and family for the holiday season. Just remember that is will need to be used during that time.

As we weather the energy of November and allow it to propel us to new and exciting places don’t forget to look outside and enjoy the view of life. The weather is finally turning and recognize how beautiful life is and how magically nature moves through the seasons.

It reminds us that we too have seasons of light and abundance and moments when we need to stop, regroup, take care of yourself and your family and take time to read books and to learn new things.

We are moving into the later and what a wonderful time this is to slow down and allow a new pace to come into our world. Rushing has not been getting you anywhere so this is the moment to stop and wait on the will of the universe.

Appreciating your life, your choices, and your growth is a type of discipline that most of us feel is self-indulgent and potentially looks arrogant or superior. That is not what I am recommending. I want you to understand that within the patterns of great change there is a place where you recognize that you do not have the control that you have so desperately wanted to find. But what you do have is a greater understanding of the laws of nature and appropriate timing.

In this moment you have to recognize that the universe has a plan and you may not yet fully understand the nature of that direction. But you can allow and learn to not resist the flow.

In moments when I recognize that I have something happening that I did not plan or organize, I learn to stop forcing and feel into the flow that is happening. When I do that there is a type of letting go and allowing something bigger than my own energy to lead in my dance of life.

This is that moment and that opportunity to let something greater than yourself guide you though this moment in time. When you align with a greater energy than your ego you will be amazed at how effortlessly things will begin to flow.


Magic is simply when you allow something beyond your thoughts to show you the way. Magic is the basis of all life. The reality that you exist is a miracle. The reality that this planet exists is a miracle. The reality that there is so much diversity on this planet is complete and total magic.

If everything around you is a miracle and magic then how can you not also be that same thing?

Let magic and miracles guide your life. Let the divine synchronicity and timing show you what you presently cannot conceive or understand. Let the reality expand your awareness and show you who you really are.

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