Poem – Acting And Dance Help Us Discover Who We Really Are

Poem – Acting And Dance Help Us Discover Who We Really Are

In the realm of ballet’s graceful art,

A parallel to acting does impart,

For within the depths of a character’s soul,

A place is found where stories unfold.

With understanding, characters bloom,

Finding a home where a soul can groom,

Powerful archetypes, that they want to become,

Those that mature, and resonate with everyone.

Each role danced, is a part of me,

Always there when called upon, to be seen,

Loved, honored, appreciated within my core,

They bring calm, and inner peace to explore.

I am a hag and an angel all in one,

A whore and a queen under the same sun,

A young girl in love, and old woman in fear,

All these facets within me can and will appear.

Just as acting reveals the unknown,

Dance and ballet, are a healing zone,

Opportunities to embrace anew,

Characters and archetypes, when discovered become true.

Humanity often clings to the past,

Digesting limited expressions that last,

But through acting and dance’s grace,

We challenge ourselves toward a wider embrace.

We become ideals and demons alike,

Embracing our essence, our mind takes a hike,

Permission when granted to explore and be,

Becomes a fuller expression of who we’re meant to see.

So let ballet’s beauty and acting’s art,

Unleash the depths of your beating heart,

Find solace in characters, old and new,

As they guide you on a journey, to discover … you.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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