Poem – Dream with the Moon and Fly with the Sun

Poem – Dream with the Moon and Fly with the Sun

May we dream with the Moon and fly with the Sun.

Over the mountains where our spirit can run.

Up to the highest heights, that man can soar.

Beyond the mind’s continuous roar.

May we create great beauty and love.

That is so strong that it is forever spoken of.

A love that cared enough to dare and risk.

A love that savored every longing and kiss.

May we listen with our heart rather than our head.

May we never be angry when we go to bed.

Tomorrow will come too soon for some.

That is why today, go chase that dream and run.

Run towards the magic that lives deep inside.

Run toward the fears that no longer hide.

Because when you do, they will melt away.

And the next thing you will know is that you created a new way.

Then the path ahead is straight and strong.

It is a beauty to know that you have always belonged.
And from that place of acceptance and peace.

All the conflict inside will finally cease.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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