Poem – Learning to Let Go. Learning to Go Slow

Poem – Learning to Let Go. Learning to Go Slow

In the dance of life, a lesson unfolds,

A symphony of wisdom, stories yet untold.

It whispers softly, a melody so wise,

Of learning to let go, in order to realize.

Learning to let go, like a leaf in the breeze,

Releases from the minds grip, to finding inner peace.

For clinging too tightly, we suffocate and strain,

But surrendering gracefully, we find freedom’s refrain.

Learning to slow down, in this chaotic race,

To savor each moment, find solace and grace.

In a world of urgency, rushing to and fro,

We rediscover joy when we learn to go slow.

Learning to accept, our flaws and imperfections,

Embracing our essence, without self-corrections.

For perfection’s facade is a heavy charade,

True beauty emerges when masks start to fade.

Learning to let others lend us a hand,

To seek out support, because together we’ll stand.

Then the burden we carry will seem to lighten its load,

When we open our hearts and release what we hold.

In the embrace of vulnerability, we find strength,

As the tapestry of connection weaves its length.

We learn to trust others, and allow ourselves to share,

In the bonds we forge, we discover we care.

So let us learn these lessons, one by one,

To let go, to slow down, to embrace, to become.

For in the journey of growth, as life’s currents flow,

We find wisdom and grace in the lessons we know.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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