Suzanne Wagner Quote – The American Dream



There once was a dream of such amazing grace
that it flew for a time all the way up into space.
It changed the world. It brought peace.
It gathered up the good and made hope increase.
It single handedly turned the tide
of hate and suffering to the wayside.
It showed a way that was true and good.
It helped humanity become a brotherhood.
It had its moments when it did not pass the test.
But it came back again in many attempts to reset.
This dream is alive, we have given it life.
It lives and breathes because of those that sacrifice.
Their blood and guts, their hope and dreams.
It has stood against hate and others regimes.
But there are those that took a hateful sword.
And buried it in the heart of this dream so adored.
That dream is not dead. It cannot really die.
It is the potential of life when egos are pushed aside.
Those of you who intend to destroy what is good.
Fall deeply into the darkness of lies and falsehood.
We will not forget those of you that used your force,
in a vain attempt to back a dangerous dark horse.
Because you will lose much more than you know.
You chose to walk into hell and goodness to forgo.
None of us will help you out.
You cast laws of hate and doubt.
You lock yourself in endless times.
You will have to seek forgiveness for your crimes.
The endless suffering that you handed out
will be a future from which you cannot break out.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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