March 8, 2024

Astrology for 3/9/2024

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Astrology for 3/9/2024

If it feels as if there is a lot going on in your life, we get to blame the astrology for the moment. The Moon in Pisces makes things more emotional and perhaps depressing.
Add to that we have Uranus squaring with Mars and then it will sextile the Sun. We need to adjust many things today. We are trying to find ways to make square pegs fit into round holes.
What we want and what needs to happen … just don’t want to cooperate. It is time to find how to make our instinctual perspective come into a place that supports common sense.
The easiest way to navigate this day is to make choices and then keep to them. Do not let other things pull you off the path. This energy wants to break the rules and break … something … anything. But doing it from an angry and combative place will not serve anyone.
I find when we start to become unstable and irrational, others will not feel safe, and they will rightfully pull away. Today is a day to find ways to compromise. But know that no one will really get what they want.
Uranus and Mars just can’t quite stop rattling the cages of our lives. Just remember that all actions will have some form of karmic consequence. We feel as if we just don’t fit into the reality the way we want or expect. But we also don’t want too either.
It can feel as if the tension is building up and coming to a breaking point. But try to resist any sudden shifts.
Today is an oddly important day. At first you may not know why … but it is. We are dealing with continuous complicating factors and deep down, we just want to feel safe. But the world feels off and us with it. There is too much that is unfamiliar and causing despair.
While the Sun and Uranus want to get us to embrace the new, we are just attempting to adapt to a radically shifting world. And today, that seems more difficult than usual.
We are here to learn to embrace flexibly and to do things that support innovation and positive change.
But with Mercury going into Aries, things feel more tense then terrific. The objective is to get to an answer, but we just want a decision so that we can feel as if one piece has finally settled. This aspect can support us allowing in decisions that are not well thought through. And that might be a big mistake.
It can feel as if we are in a race to see who gets an answer first. But such a process may not lead to the best answer that will work.
I suggest not trusting any answers that seem perfect from now till May 15th.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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