February 27, 2022


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Osho Zen Tarot: Awareness, Adventure

Medicine Cards: Squirrel, Eagle, Antelope

Mayan Oracle: Transparency, Ahau, Complex Stability

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Disks, Five of Swords, Ace of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Princess of Swords, Dominion, Disappointment

Healing Earth Tarot: Three of Wands, Six of Feathers, Ace of Crystals

Words of Truth: Home, Inappropriate Place, Death

When I look at these cards and the direction that they all seem to point … the lesson … and word that arises is, “Gravity”.

The definition of Gravity is:

  1. The degree of intensity that is measured by acceleration of a situation or object.

  2. Extreme or alarming importance, seriousness.

  3. The solemnity of a manner.

  4. The attraction of a downward force, pull, heaviness

  5. Consequence, magnitude, urgency, direness, dreadfulness, precariousness, perilousness, hazard, danger, threat, menace, risk, egregiousness.

  6. Stone-facedness, grim, dourness, severity.

This words origin come from Old French and Latin:

Weight, seriousness, and heavy.
The Words of Truth, really tell the tale, Homes are feeling not safe, situations are in an inappropriate place, and death is following the scent of danger, menace, and those that wish to perpetuate egregious acts against humanity.

It seems that a veil is being burned away and we are going to see that which others have witnessed and experienced in previous generations.

Let’s begin with the Eagle. Clearly a symbol of our country and it is about the power of the divine as it moves through this dimension.
But the eagle lives in all those seeking freedom. And I give this symbol to the people of the Ukraine. They are showing the deepest spirit of this archetype and are willing to dive into the powerful forces that govern this energy.
Eagle is not given … it is earned.
We are clearly being tested. Up to this point, we have not stepped up or into our God-given potential. But now there is a call.
One that is going to bring us through trials to see if we can be trusted with the power we were previously given.
The moments ahead will require courage.
This moment of challenge can be seen as a spiritual doorway.
We are going into the refining fires of our fears and are being asked to look at the bigger and broader picture.
The shadows are being illuminated and the light will reveal the darkness that has been undermining and corrupting freedom.

Squirrel reminds us that scarcity is around the corner and we need to be more prepared. Look to what is essential and move towards that new door with clarity, rather than fear.

Antelope tells us we need to take action now!
There is no more time.
There is no time to waste.
Those that see and respond now will be better off than others.

Ahau is all about solar consciousness. That means that the times of fossil fuels and oil are finished.
We are going to rely on the Sun in new ways that give us energy, warmth, and prosperity.
A cleaner planet is on the horizon. We are changing to reconnect with the mystical forces that are constantly being gifted to our world. The source of all life is the sun, and we move as a force from the denser realms and into the higher vibrations of light that have gifted this world forever with life.

The Transparency card says that much is to be revealed and that things that were intentionally being distorted and glossed over are going to be seen in a very new light. Expect a lot of shocking revelations to come into focus.

Doorways are being opened and portals to the past are being shut.

The Three of Disks reminds us that helping our fellow travelers is where we will experience the greatest fulfillment. It is not about financial reward; it is about recognizing and honoring others.

Hard work lies ahead but we are to do it together.

We are going to rapidly move towards this irrepressible force of change that is calling to each of us. During this time of adversity, we will find the path to show us how to get beyond the adversity and those obstacles presenting. Strength will become the foundation of a new way and a new world.
Those that appear weak will have the ambition to gain the upper hand and rip the control from those that play games with men’s and women’s lives.

There is light that has awakened and will not retreat.
It is alive and has a power that none can defeat.

That is a truth that extends beyond all times.

It shows those that have lived past their prime.
I see that light guiding the hearts of powerful souls.
Such a thing cannot be measured by polls.

Those that try to commercialize the core of life.
Have missed the point and only caused strife.

Now the tables have finally turned.

And those in power will finally feel burned.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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