January 26, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 1/27/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/27/15

Today is the number 9. It is time to put some things to bed and finish up those projects whether they are personal or professional. There are moments when you just need to say, “It’s good enough!” There are always more things to perfect and to redo but it is not about making things perfect. It is about moving forward and allowing the next lessons to surface. Your intuition is ready to go on to the next thing and there is a yearning to shift with the tide. This is great news! When you listen to the universal flow over your minds chattering, then you will feel as if you are one with the universe. And that always feels much better. The Moon is in constant Taurus all day, and you will be more aware of your need to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life–eating, drinking, listening to music, and so forth. After all we are in the day of the number 9 so celebrating how far we have come with a great dinner, some wine, and good company are just what your soul needs to move forward. Your emotions are steady and common sense rules when it comes to handling domestic matters, money, and work. Venus enters Pisces this morning, where it will transit until February 20th. This will give you more compassion (and perhaps attraction) for those who are left out, overlooked, or victimized. You might want to help others as act in self-sacrificing ways, which will help the walls come down that have been challenging to figure out how to get around. You may have a hard time saying no, as Pisces is so compassionate, but you will also fell like avoiding all things that makes you feel uncomfortable. Wishful thinking is one expression of Venus in Pisces. Be careful to not become too gullible as in these moments you can too easily believe what you want to believe. People can be hard to pin down and love is hard to define under this influence. Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although hard to reach, as there is a longing for something that is hard to define and hard to satisfy.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Sensitivity is a sign of life. Better hurt than hardened. I bow to those who keep their hearts open when it is most difficult; those who refuse to keep their armor on any longer than they have to; those who recognize the courage at the heart of vulnerability. After all the malevolent warriors destroy each other, the open-hearted will inherit the earth…

~Jeff Brown~


Completing the cycle started 2 days ago about the 3 types of wounds, (abandonment, betrayal, and shame) today we are going to have a discussion about shame. When others make you feel bad about yourself in any way that is how shame lodges in the body. Shame is strongly associated with bodies. At this point you should recognize that your body is just a shell that is holding your soul on the planet and giving you the opportunity to have experiences in the physical. You are not your body, nor are you the upsets and traumas that you body has experiences. Your soul is beautiful and magnificent regardless of if you are fat, thin, less pretty than others, or if you have physical limitations or mental weaknesses. Therefore there is nothing to be ashamed of. When people do something to you or your physical body the karma belongs to them. Do not make up a story about why they did it to you because there is only a few answers and they are that this person was not present, not feeling beyond themselves, wanting their own immediate gratification, or projecting their wounding onto others so in their own misery they do not feel alone. Notice that all those answers are about them. When people are unconscious, unaware, not awakened to the truth that we are all connected, and that we are all one then they gap out and act out in ways that are chaotic and unpredictable. Sometimes we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes we become a refection of a type of karmic awakening for them. Therefore let go of the density that was projected onto you. It does not belong to you. It belongs to them and as long as you hold it they do not get the opportunity to fully have to face themselves and what they have done. When you do not take the responsibility on then the karma goes back to them. And that is where it belongs. So today, release yourself from the history that this body has endured. Let the wounding go and let your divine nature again shine through the cracks and breaks that you have weathered. Because in the end, every one of us has battle scars. When you love the strength of your soul and acknowledge what you have endured, then you no longer see others in negating ways, all you see is their heart, strength, and the power with which they have overcome.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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