March 29, 2023


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Osho Zen Tarot: Stress, Friendliness, Compromise

Medicine Cards: Dolphin, Beaver

Mayan Oracle: Hologram, Transparency

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Swords, Four of Disks, Nine of Cups

Aleister Crowley Deck: The Universe, Ruin, Ace of Wands

Healing Earth Tarot: Ace of Crystals, Seven of Pipes, Grandmother of Pipes

Words of Truth: Simple, Pushing, Appropriate Time, Appropriate Form, Exhaustion



Let’s do the Intuitive Patterns for April 2023.

We seem to continue the quest for a work/play balance, and there are so many unknowns happening as we seek to find other ways that include the rapid onslaught of technology and how humanity can fit into that potential and financially thrive rather than just survive.

The search for inner peace in a conflicted world and the terrible imbalances between the rich and the poor are adding terrible stresses to many, and yet somehow, we have to find a way to compromise without feeling like we are selling out.

It may feel this month as if we are terribly overloaded with too many small things that feel like minutia but still need to be done. Everything may feel like we are trying to push huge rocks up hills, and the effort being asked of us for so long is exhausting and mentally taking a hidden toll on our souls.

This month, try to keep passion moving in constructive ways. Follow your gut instincts. Notice if you feel as if you lost the cosmic connections to the greater whole. Then make an active decision to reconnect through movement, exercise, or other forms of passionate play. Notice places of enmeshment and where there are patterns of attachment that are not working anymore. Let go of beliefs that still hook you into judging yourself and instead listen to your own body’s wisdom. Reclaim the wildness and allow that serpent in your spine to wiggle you out of the constraints that have imprisoned your creativity.

This month we are all being asked to let go of things that used to define our importance. Secretly give away things that you have fully embodied and allow that energy to inspire another whose lessons will be supported by that gift. The clarity of your new vision is dependent upon us being willing to let go of energies that are distracting us from what really matters and the next steps that we need to take. Do not let the past distract from the future that awaits if we are willing the embrace a possibility.

Tremendous growth can happen if we are honest as to the levels that we are currently on. Embrace each stage of development and discover what intends to flower in the near future if we are willing to nurture and protect that dream while it is at these beginning stages.

I know it will sound odd, but we are all at a stage where we cannot allow our essence to compromise our dream. It will feel as if we are selling out. And what will ensue is a state of confusion rather than clarity. If you do not know, then you are not choosing what you know you need to do or the path that has been laid out.

The confusion comes from doubting that we can have our dream. This month take the risk to go for the dream and to realize that the confusion comes because the ego is afraid to lose control over the circumstances. But that is what risk and greatness will require from all of us this month. Make a choice, take the risk, and the confusion will go away.

It is difficult to stand up for one’s own truth. But it will be more difficult if we decide to allow the considerations of others to circumvent our mission and purpose at this time. Some doors will not come back around in this lifetime.

Take the door that the universe has opened. Know that others may not be able to follow you through that door. And that is going to be okay and as it should be. Not all doors are offered to each person at the same time. This could be yours if you have the courage to step forward and grab the reins. This astrological chariot could carry you off to an amazing and wonderful place.

Enjoy this wild ride while it lasts.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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